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We believe in a future where all people have access to beautiful, functional green spaces. That's why we dedicate a percentage of our resources and expertise to a series of yearly community revitalization projects in the WNY area.    

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What is the Plant United Project?

Our mission is to create functional, beautiful green spaces within the every community center. We work with parks, public buildings, and community gathering spaces to create high-quality gardens for everyone to enjoy. The coordination of community groups during the installation phase creates opportunities for interactions that encourage social wellness, resilience, and stability. Together, we can create a world where everyone has access to nature.

about Plant United

Decades of research demonstrate the positive impact green spaces have on human health and wellness. By investing in beautifying public spaces we create opportunities for neighbors to meet and enjoy the restorative effects of being in nature.

Our work has positive environmental repercussions as well: the incorporation of native perennials in our gardens attract beneficial pollinators, have minimal water needs, and don't require fertilizers or pesticides to survive.

Why we plant.

why we plant

How you can help.

  Great communities, like great gardens, don't just happen. A good plan, a little good fortune and a lot of hard work by people who care are needed for both. We are continuously looking for community partners to work with the Plant United Project. Volunteering for the installation phase, plant sponsorships, and monetary donations are all ways you can help become part of the movement. 

Contact us or donate below.  

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How you can help

2022 Plant United Recipient

Ronald McDonald House of Buffalo

We are excited to announce that Gardenette will be redesigning the landscaping at the Ronald McDonald House of Buffalo as part of our Plant United program.

The Ronald McDonald House is dedicated to supporting the families of children receiving medical care in our community. Visit their website to learn more about the many ways you can contribute to their mission.


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