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Winter Gardens

Winter and Buffalo are synonymous with one another, so it's important to include plants that provide visual interest during the snowy season. Stand out from your neighbors and incorporate some color into your winter landscape! Most of these would look great as part of your foundation plantings or along walkways-any area that gets visibility during the winter. Evergreens are always a good choice, but there are many other options that add some color to your garden beds.

Plants for Winter Interest

holly- Dark green glossy foliage and red berries against the white snow might be one of my favorite color combinations. Make sure you have a male and female variety planted so that the shrubs produce red berries. "Winterberry" is a variety that produces an abundance of berries during the winter months.

"Midwinter Fire" dogwood- This shrub is a great option for four-season interest, but really shines during the winter. Bright red and orange stems offer a welcome pop of color against the snow. I recommend planting them as a row backing your flowerbeds or bordering your property.

boxwood- Homeowners love the lime green evergreen foliage of the boxwood. These are a great alternative to needled evergreens if you're looking for a more formal looking shrub.

"Whipcord" red cedar- If you're looking for texture, check out the whipcord cedar. Straight from the pages of Dr. Seuss, this low growing evergreen will definitely attract attention. Evergreens like these might get lost during the warmer months but will stand out in your landscape when all the other plants are buried in snow.

witch hazel- these large shrubs are a great way to break up long fence or property lines, and are famous for their medicinal properties. What's more, they flower in the winter! Clusters of long, ribbon-like petals grow along the length of the stems and provide color during winter.

Christmas rose- this variety of hellebore blooms during the late winter and early spring. A great solution for shady areas, this perennial is a repeat bloomer! Enjoy these white, showy flowers when everything else is still dormant.

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